Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things That Go KABOOM!!! in the Night

Just when I think things are going smoothly, something goes kaboom. Or perhaps I should say someone goes kaboom. Specifically, Bear goes kaboom.


These episodes come on suddenly, and we're never quite sure what causes them. We know from experience that there's always a trigger, but we also know that his out-of-control behaviour could be a reaction to something that happened hours before, something that Bear doesn't even realize bothered him.

Tonight's rage resulted in Bear putting a second hole in his door. Why? Because I said it was too late for him to go play in the backyard. Once upon a time I knew to steel myself for a meltdown when I denied a request, but those days are few and far between now. Maybe we have the meds to thank for that. Maybe it's a maturity factor. Most likely it's a combination of both.

The fact is that I used to know what was coming, and there was a certain amount of comfort in that. But now when these episodes occur, I feel as if I've been blindsided.


Marvin the Martian wouldn't need to complain if he lived at my house.


  1. I have also noticed as my son gets a tad bit older that the Kaboom's are further apart which is nice but you're right we get comfortable and BLAMO change happens.

    Here's to tomorrow right?


    1. I certainly don't miss the kabooms, but I do find them harder to deal with now. Here's to tomorrow!!!