I'm always happy to speak about my experiences as the mother of a child with mental health challenges. If you'd like me to come speak to your group, please email me at lwright@wrightcommunications.ca.

Speaking Engagements/Media
January -- St. Paul's Anglican Church "I'm Not a Bad Mother: Moving past the blame and shame of children's mental illness"
February -- Algonquin College "I'm Not a Bad Mother: Moving past the blame and shame of children's mental illness"
April -- Brockville Collegiat Institute "How to Survive Your Child’s ADHD without Losing Your Mind or Your Sense of Humour"
May -- Brockville Women's Network "I'm Not a Bad Mother: Moving past the blame and shame of children's mental illness.
May -- 104.9 Bruce Wylie interview for Children's Mental Health Week (on behalf of Children's Mental Health of Leeds & Grenville)
September -- Anglican Diocese of Ontario "I Am Not a Bad Kid: The challenge of integrating children with special needs into the church community"
October -- Open Minds Across Canada Symposia (Kingston) "I'm Not a Bad Mother: Moving past the blame and shame of children's mental illness" (see coverage on CTV Ottawa News)
June -- Children's Mental Health of Leeds & Grenville AGM (guest speaker)


  1. I too am the parent of an ADHD/ODD/OCD child. I started out as his grandmother and adopted him and his baby sister (who came along during the adoption and was fast tracked into it with our boy)from my son & his girlfriend. My son unfortunately passed away this year just a short time ago in May due to Brain Cancer. I believe this has unleashed a whole new set of behaviors in his child,my son. Like yours his emotions center is under developed . In his case he also suffers damage from the effects of mom and dad's drug use during her pregnancy.
    My son has been in therapy of different kinds since age three, I started monitoring his health and behaviors closely. I noticed he would have bad spells or episodes of extreme hyperactivity after eating foods with yellow #5 food dye....We avoided this. Then we tried organics which helped for a while, but my husband would spoil him with soda and candy from 7 eleven. If I have learned anything I would say it is " you are fighting a losing battle if you don't stand on a united front with your spouse." Did these changes help? Yes, when implemented 100 %, Did I know when my husband would cheat now and then. You betcha..... My sons behaviors magnified like a flare gun... Oh and recently I read corn is one of the worse things you can feed to a child with ADHD . do your research on GMO's
    My son is now thirteen,,,, He has had a Spect scan (it is kind of like what they do when they image the heart only it is taking pictures of the brain both at rest and during concentration) His shows he has what is called "Ring of fire ADHD" For those of you who are considering medications "Steroids is one of the worse things you can give to a child with ring of fire. By the way there are actually 7 different types of ADHD.
    Right now he is having trouble processing his father's death by Brain Cancer.. he has not cried or grieved as far as we know. He does not want to go to school and he cuts himself if we leave the knives out where he can get to them. He only wishes death upon himself and is now in mental health to try to get help. After reading some of your posts I envy you all who are dealing with age 5 and younger....Love them, turn to each other for help and support, but continue to do your research, read but most of all I think the Odd Mom has pegged it right. Don't give up, find out why and what sets them off. Then start looking for ways to help them... not just through taking away certain foods, but through non-conventional methods that our society here in the states do not use. Non conventional parenting , There are herbs and tinctures and teas that help with everything from brain cell regeneration to sleep problems. Do your research. but if it comes to conventional drugs to then you may need to try them early on.....but find out which ones will be the right ones first. Don't let the doctors play guessing games until they find the right fit for your child. There are is a doctor out there who specializes in ADHD. I don't make any money from him for referring him. I give you his name for the sake and health of your children. His name is Dr Amen.

  2. Dr AMEN and His clinics have done over 85,000 scans and he actually missed a diagnosis of ADD in his own daughter but once he scanned her he knew exactly how to help her. I will warn you the scan is expensive, but his books are affordable. He has helped me in respect of knowing which meds to try first with my son and in his case it is an anti-depressant. Your child may be a different type of ADHD. This is an important step in learning how to deal with your child's behavior as well. My sons scan showed the harder he tries during concentration, part of his brain actually shuts down. My son also stated exhibiting seizure activity 80% of the time during the night and very mildly 20 % during the day This disorder is E.S E.S. google it.. My son actually stated seizures around age 7 but would not tell us and he was not officially diagnosed until age 11. By this time his school work really stated to suffer. WATCH their work if they go to school. Has their hand writing changed? what about their spelling?....These are significant signs something else may be going on..... If they are not in school yet, How do they learn best? when you read to them? or when they read themselves...Video? Hands On? take notes... Is their learning or language delayed? if so have them tested even as early as age three and a half for any speech delays, etc The schools can initiate IEP's, Individualized Education Plans AND if your children have official diagnoses from a pediatrician this initiates special services that fall under Other impairment. You are your child's voice to the outside world. Be their advocate. our child do not know how to express themselves salot of the time normally. Find unconventional methods to help them learn but most of all DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR MORE... The schools have to provide extra services or , helpers..time etc to help your child learn. At home give them a place with few distractions to make it as easy as possible for them to stay focused on homework. Give them multiple breaks for homework. Schools cam make an exception where your child has to turn in a certain amount of homework to prove they understand concepts without having to complete whole pages. Schools have to allow extra time for assignments or classwork. When they give you those KNOW YOUR RIGHTS books,READ THEM. They contain the valuable steps you may have to request for your child to get their fair share of an education. But most of all talk to your child if you can, start while they are young ask them to tell you about their day...Every child loves to be the center of attention and have your full attention. DO the BacK to School night thing!.... I found out my child's main desk was facing the wall, only after my son started jumping 15 ft fences and running home in a panic attack. If your child has certain behaviors such as panic attacks be diligent...Find out WHY!!!. It came out years later my son was being abused by being kicked by the other boys in the bathroom. Does your child use the regular bathroom at school, or do they use the one in the office and tell you the school locks the bathrooms during class.... This excuse should have been a dead giveaway for me to question further but being as it was an elementary school and there have been some weird things happen so I took it for granted and ASSUMED it was a safety precaution to protect my son from? what? ask yourself and the school both....Why are the bathrooms locked during classroom time?.
    I hope I have offered some valuable and incouraging information. I know I will continue to watch your posts and will love to hear of any information you may find and post as well. Let's all not forget but help each other to remember ...we are not only parents but care givers, teachers, lawyers, (advocates) dieticians and researchers all looking for the same thing.... How else can I help my child? .

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