Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Angry Elf

I have to admit...Bear's been a bit of a pain in my behind lately. (Hhhhmmmm...if I lose weight and my butt gets smaller, will he be less of a pain?) His behaviour has definitely improved since we upped his meds, but bed time has once again turned into a battle. Things had been going really well for a while, and then BHAM...a regression. I guess that's to be expected to a certain extent, but it's still frustrating. You start to wonder what you're doing wrong or what you're doing differently to bring about this change, but the answer is normally nothing. Most kids go through fazes, right? Well, I guess so do kids with ADHD and ODD. At least that's what we're telling ourselves.

Anyway, the last couple of nights have been a little rough, so tonight I don't really feel like wrapping Bear's Christmas presents, which was my plan for the evening. Instead, I informed TheODDDad, I was going to wrap Stitchie's presents and tomorrow I was going to return Bear's. Not that I ever would, but sometimes it just feels good to be mean. Well, not really be mean. Just talk about being mean.

TheODDDad, being the more warped of the two of us (something I really love about him), suggested that it would be way more fun to draw angry eyebrows on Elfie (our Elf on the Shelf who has so far sat everywhere except on a shelf) and tape his hands to his hips (the way an angry Mom stands). That would freak him out, TheODDDad gleefully declared.

Yes. Yes, it would.

Sometimes being mean just sounds like so much fun.


  1. It's not easy when your child is in a fit that they can't control. It's not that they don't want to. It's not as if they could. It really is something that is beyond their control.

    I know. Last weekend one of my kids flipped out over a cup of tea. This past weekend, another one flipped out over a take home test. Both of them were completely out of control. Neither one of them wanted to be there. None of us could do anything but hold the line and try to keep them in as good a place as they could be in.

    I don't know what happened with Bear over the weekend, but know that we are with you in your journey. I don't know that Elfie would be angry, but I think it would be effective is if he was sad.

    I hope Bear finds his peace soon. ((hugs)) as you head into Christmas.

  2. HAHAHA!!!
    I don't know how incredibly frustrating parenting for you has to be at times.
    But I'll tell you a funny story about my son almost coming near death...
    Yesterday I took him to the mall to pick up one last gift. He wanted a gumball. I bought him said gumball. He threw it in his mouth. The gumball was stale so he spit it out in his hand. I wiped it off but the blue dye stained his hand so he freaks out that he's got a "boo boo" hand and needs to wash it in the bathroom.
    So we had to walk all the way back to the washroom...only to realize that the blue dye is still stuck on there even despite washing. He starts screaming and crying. I'm ready to choke him.
    He looks at me and says
    "Mom. I'm calling Santa. You're being a bad Mommy"
    He is three.
    And he is still living.