Friday, September 16, 2011

Skipping School

Tonight I was bad -- I skipped school. Actually, I skipped the open house at Bear's school. I normally go to these things because I feel it's really important that TheODDDad and I are seen as involved parents. When you have a child who causes problems at school, the last thing you want is to be known as "those" parents.

That said, I work with Bear's school a lot. There is an open dialogue going in both directions, and I love it that way. I turn to them for advice and they do the same thing. Everyone works together to make school a positive environment for Bear and to make Bear a positive addition to the school.

So tonight I decided to cut myself some slack. Hubby had a commitment that he couldn't get out of, so I was heading to the school on my own. And I would have gone if I hadn't been so tired, but showering seemed like a lot of work just for a 45-minute open house where I probably wouldn't have had a chance to say much more than "hello" to Bear's teacher. Some days escaping to the quiet confines of the shower seems like heaven, so you know you're tired when it seems like work.

So what did I do instead of showering? I napped. Yup, I crawled into bed and napped for an hour before TheODDDad got home from work. Then I got up, served supper, put the kids to bed, made muffins, did some work I actually get paid for, did some dishes, and then made bread. (Yes, I make my own bread. No, I'm not insane. Yes, that's a blog for another night.) Now it's almost midnight and I'm just waiting for everything to finish cooling so I can put it all away and finally go crawl into bed for the night.

Sweet dreams.

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